As most of you know, Allstar Weekend is soon going to be called The Tragic Thrills.

This blog was purely an edits blog when the boys were Allstar Weekend. I do not plan on changing the name of this blog. I’m also sorry to say that I won’t be continuing running this blog. I do not plan on giving this out either. It’s not that I don’t love the boys, I DO! I LOVE THEM A LOT! But I don’t have time to run an edits blog anymore (I still might make edits in my personal blog stilinski-stiless -so feel free to follow me there-). As you can all tell, I’ve hardly updated in a while. My last edit was photos from my day at Warped Tour.

I purely support The Tragic Thrills a billion percent and I’M STILL RUNNING MY MICHAEL MARTINEZ BLOG, so you can still find me there; fyeahmichaelmartinez (SO PLEASE FOLLOW IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY).

I just wanted to let you know the status of this blog. :)

Rachel <3

Allstar Weekend - Warped Tour, Pomona Day 1, 2013

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Just a friendly reminder.

If you steal my gifs/edits and repost it other than using it as sidebar or for reaction purposes, I will eventually find out.

and I will call you out on my personal tumblr, under the caption section, making sure the person who reposted it reads it.

I don’t even care if I sound bitchy in this post. How would you feel if something you worked hard on is reposted on someone else’s blog?

the only people this post does not apply to is Allstar Weekend and anyone associated with them personally, but then again, they don’t repost my things…

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best. photo. reply. ever.

JFC. omg.

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styleslittlesecret: Okay i'm gonna be dumb and say asdfghjkl your blog is picture perf.(': Very jello. Second of all, what site do you use for Gifs? Like i can't find a site to make them in black and white and color and stuff like yours.<3 Thanks.(: 

HI! OMG. You’re not being dumb at all. Thank you so much! :’) and I actually use photoshop CS5 to make my gifs. You can always find a free download somewhere here on tumblr. Just search the photoshop tag :) You’re just going to have to get used to using that program. It’s pretty easy once you find tutorials and stuff. I’m not sure of any websites that can make gifs without having a huge ugly site tag after you make a gif. :/